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What accessories are included with the WiFi Dash Cam Pro®?

Below is the list of accessories that you receive with your WiFi Dash Cam Pro®:

  • WiFi Dash Cam Pro®
  • Car charger
  • Suction cup mount
  • Adjustable neck mount
  • Magnetic connector
  • Micro SD card reader
  • Reset pin
  • User manual
  • Quick start guide
How do I pair the WiFi Dash Cam Pro® to my phone?

Download the “Goplus” app top your smartphone. Press the “UP” arrow with the “Wifi” icon on the side of the dash cam. The “wifi” icon will appear on the dash cam screen. Look for the Dash Cam network on your smartphone’s wifi network screen and select it. Enter the password, “12345” Open the Goplus app on your smartphone and select the “wifi” icon image on the home screen. You’re connected.

Does this WiFi Dash Cam Pro® need an active internet connection?


I have paired my WiFi Dash Cam Pro® to the phone with WiFi, but when I go to the app screen and touch on the icon I do not see the live video screen.

Make sure the WiFi Dash Cam Pro® is plugged in to power. Turn the dash cam on with the power button. When you see the Goplus icon on your list of apps, select it. When you see a blue home screen with a wifi icon in the top center, select that icon. You should be able to see a live feed from your dash cam.

My phone detects a Bug when paired with WiFi Dash Cam Pro® and I am unable to connect the WiFi Dash Cam Pro® with my phone.

Use the reset tool to push the reset button on the dash cam. Repeat the steps to connect to the WiFi Dash Cam Pro® wifi signal to your smartphone. If necessary, delete and re-install the “Goplus” app on your phone.

What will be the battery back-up time once fully charged?

About 30 minutes on a full charge.

What is the recording capacity with a 8/16/32 GB SD card?

It depends on the resolution the user selected. The higher the resolution, the lower the amount of recording time and number of files. The lower the resolution, the higher amount of recording time and increased amount of files.

The WiFi Dash Cam Pro® is supposed to record in loops, but it has stopped recording in loops and shows SD card Full.

Be sure to use a SD card that is completely empty. Use a larger capacity SD card like a 32 GB card. Download any recorded segments to free up space.

Does WiFi Dash Cam Pro® need a Bluetooth connection to get it work in phone?

No. A smartphone picks up a Wifi signal from the Dash Cam. No bluetooth signal is required.

How Do I Mount or Install the WiFi Dash Cam Pro® In My Car?

Use the suction cup mount on a windshield and an adjustable clamp mount on the neck of a rearview mirror.

What Do You Mean by Auto Ignition Recording and How Does It Work?

When the car is started, the Wifi Dash Cam will turn on (if plugged in) and automatically begin recording.

How Can I Connect the Micro SD Card To Computer/Laptop?

Remove the Micro SD card from the WiFi Dash Cam Pro® and insert it into the MicroSD card reader. Plug the MicroSD card reader into the USB port of your computer or laptop.

Can I get all the recordings in my phone and where?

When you connect to the WiFi Dash Cam Pro® wifi signal, you can download your recordings to your smartphone and save them to your photo file folder as video or image files.

How Can I Change the Language?

Select the “M” button for “Menus” and look for the language selection menu. Scroll through the options and select the language of your choice. Press the “OK” button to confirm the selection.

How to reset the WiFi Dash Cam Pro®?

Use the reset pin and insert the tip into the hole on the bottom of the Dash Cam. Press the microswitch and restart the WiFi Dash Cam Pro®.

Does it come with an SD card?

Yes! Each WFDCP comes with a 16GB SD card.

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